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Classic & Exotic Car Detailing

At Texas Polar Jet, we understand the important role cleanliness plays in preserving the beautiful details and maximizing the life of your classics and exotics. It can be challenging to find a diverse method of detailing strong enough to remove all debris, yet delicate enough to handle intricate parts and electronics. With Polar Jet particle control technology, we can fine-tune the cleaning aggression of the dry ice blasting process, providing versatility in our services while eliminating the risk of damaging sensitive parts.

Superior quality detailing can be achieved with the right tools and control required to clean the full spectrum of parts found in classic and exotic automobiles. Polar Jet’s dry ice blasting system uses non-abrasive CO2 particles that won’t damage surfaces, even as delicate as original parts labels! Combining dry ice cleaning’s kinetic energy and thermal effects, the contaminants are lifted away as their connection to the surface is broken. Texas Polar Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, non-corrosive, and does not produce secondary waste, making it a simpler, more effective way to achieve full detail. Contact us below or on our contact page to learn more about how Texas Polar Jet can help save you time and money on your next classic or exotic automobile detail project!

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