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Texas Polar Jet is Houston's first Automotive dry ice facility and is committed to providing our clients with exceptional state of the art technology, that offers a safe alternative to water and chemicals. The combination of the two can be unsafe for electrical systems, interior and other components of all type of vehicles. With this technology we are able to clean a wide variety of applications from Cars, Trucks, Boats, Atv's, Motorcycles, Electrical systems and Computer mainframes, and just about anything else you can find a purpose for. Texas Polar Jet thrives to be the leader in dry ice blasting.

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Restoration & Preservation

Texas Polar Jet technology provides a non-abrasive and more efficient method for restoring vehicles back to their original and "like-new" appearances. Not only can dry ice blasting be used for the parts that can be seen – the body, trim, wheels, emblems – but also for components one may not expect, including the engine compartment, transmission, AC compressor, electrical assemblies, framing, original parts labels, and more!

Why Dry Ice Blasting?

From entire vehicles to a variety of parts, Texas Polar Jet can help you quickly and safely restore, preserve, and detail a diverse selection of materials. This method of cleaning is non-abrasive and uses no water, chemicals, or solvents - just dry ice! If you are looking for an environmentally responsible way to maximize the life of your tools or parts, Texas Polar Jet can help you through dry ice blasting and Polar Jet technology.

Automotive Detailing

Texas Polar Jet understands that detailing is a process for more than making a vehicle look good and sanitized. Through Polar Jet dry ice blasting technology, we help extend the life of vehicles without using abrasive or corrosive cleaning methods and solutions. With the ability to fine-tune the cleaning aggression of the dry ice, we can provide versatility in our services while eliminating the risk of damaging sensitive parts.

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